Study in foreign language


The University provides courses in foreign language for exchange students.

In case you are accepted or planning to study at the Szechenyi Istvan University, as an exchange student for one or two semester, you are kindly asked to choose from the list of courses below.

The selected courses should be listed in the Learning Agreement, and has to be signed by both your home and your host coordinators. List of coordinators can be found under this link.

You can get the detailed description of the course, when you click on the code of the course. In case there is no more information, please contact your departmental coordinator to get more detailed information about the course.

In case you are an independent students, outside or above of any international programme or agreement, intending to study at the Szechenyi Istvan University for 1 or 2 semester, you have to pay tuition fee. (100 EUR/credit point) We highly recommend our gueststudents to chooses at least 15-30 credit points pro semester courses from our list ! Please be aware that you can choose courses only at your home study level (BSc or MSc).

The following list is just a draft list of our all courses, offering for exchange students. You are recommended to contact your departmental coordinator  to determine the courses, which are really available in the requested semester or level.

List of courses:

  • Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law and Political Sciences autumn, spring
  • Kautz Gyula Economics Faculty autumn, spring
  • Audi Hungaria Faculty of Automotive Engineering autumn, spring
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Informatics and Electrical Engineering autumn, spring
  • Faculty of Architecture Civil Engineering and Transport Sciences autumn, spring
  • Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences autumn, spring
  • Faculty of Performing Arts autumn, spring
  • Apáczai Csere János Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences autumn, spring
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences autumn, spring

BSc students can chosse only BSc courses. If you are looking for a course that is missing from the list, please contact your departmental coordinator!

Your main departmental coordinator is the colleague at the faculty matching with your origin programme.
You can choose matching courses from different faculties, but your main departmental coordinator must consent with your study plan!

Only your main departmental coordinator will sign the Learning Agreement!