Departmental coordinators

departmental coordinatorsIncoming foreign students can contact the departmental coordinators in case of their study plan, Learning Agreement, lecturers, courses.

During your study at the Szechenyi Istvan University the departmental coordinator will supervise your study.

 Please choose on the base of your programme, your departmental coordinator.

Administrative contact for incoming exchange student: Mr. Dénes Oross (


Name and accessibility of
departmental coordinators

Field of studies

LAZÁNYI Andrea (Ms.)
departmental assistant

Tel: 0036 (96) 503-400/3236

Civil Engineering 
Architectural Engineering
Transportation Management
Infrastructure engineering

HORVÁTH Helga (Ms.)
departmental assistent
Tel: 0036/96/503-467

Electrical Engineering 
Information Technology 
Informatics of Economics
Mechatronic engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Dr. BURUZS Adrienn (Ms.) 
assiociate professor

Logistics engineering
Engineering Management
Vehicle Engineering
Vocational Technical Intsruction
Environmental Engineering

GERSEI Gabriella (Ms.)
secretary of faculty
Tel: 0036/96/503-400 ext. 3345

International Business and Management 
Business and Management 
Tourism and Hospitality
Commerce and Marketing
Supply Chain Management
Regional and Environmental Economics
Management and Leadership

Dr. BÁNHIDI Miklós (Mr.)
college professor
Tel: 0036/96/503-643


Health Management 
Nursing and Medical Care
Sport and Health Science

Dr. RUPPERT István (Mr.)

college professor
Tel: 0036/96/ 613-560


Music Teaching
Music performance

Dr. HORVÁTH Gergely (Mr.)

senior lecturer
Tel: 0036/96/503-470


Legal Studies
International Administration Management
Judicial Administration
Employment Relations and Insurance Administration


assistant lecturer
Tel: 0036/96/516-732


International Studies
Teacher training
Social pedagogy
Special needs education
Social Work
HR counselling

 Dr. KOVÁCS Attila  (Mr)

associate professor
Tel: 0036/96/566-657


Agriculture Engineering
Food Sciences
Animal Husbandry Engineering
Plant Protection
Rural development and Agribusiness