If there is avalaible rooms, the University provides for the exchange students (in case the student apply before the deadline) accomodation in the students' hostels against payment (cca 75 - 100 EUR/month),  together with other students (2-3 bed rooms).

Accomodation Office is available on the 2. floor, in the corner of the buildings K/3 and K/4.

Here You can find more information about the dormitories. 


If the student miss the deadline, we can not provide accomodation in the hostel, but we can help to find a flat to rent.
Renting a flat (2 rooms) costs cca. 70.000 - 100.000 HUF + 10-20.000 HUF
common costs (like water, electricity, heating, gas etc.) total cca. 300-400 EUR/month

You can check the available flats on the following websites: