Research fellow opportunity Thailand

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Metharath University, Thailand offers an opportunity to become a research fellow.


Benefits and they can offer

1. The Research Fellow (RF) is an honorary appointment, which should not be regarded as an employee of Metharath 
University (MRU). Consequently, the RF is not required to sign any contract with MRU.

2. The RF is allowed but not obligated to use MRU as affiliation in any academic related events and publications.

3. The RF is eligible for research support, such as payment for publication fees and honorarium in accordance with 
MRU's regulation. MRU may provide publication fees support and honorarium for:

      • RFs who publishes paper in SCOPUS-indexed journal with co-author(s) from either MRU or Shinawatra University 
      • RFs who publishes paper in SCOPUS-indexed journal with United Nation Sustainable Development Goals’ 
        Keywords (the paper should include RSD-related keywords in the title, abstract, or list of keywords).
      •  RFs who publishes paper in SCOPUS-indexed journal with citation of papers published by MRU or SIU (without 

Some details of reimbursement for publication fees


*This is a general calculation of the publication fee support according to the quality and the authorship.
*The inclusion of SDGs Keywords and/or citations to Metharath University’s previous publication in Scopus journals is a must for 
publication claim.
* The honorarium will be calculated individually according to the reimbursement for publication fees

4. Reimbursement for publication fees and the distribution of honorarium will be facilitated by the designated coauthor from MRU. 

5. During their tenure, the RF will be presented with various tokens of appreciation. 

6. The RF will frequently receive invitations to partake in academic activities spearheaded by MRU. 2.7 The RF is 
committed to co-authoring at least one SCOPUS-indexed paper annually with MRU scholars throughout the duration 
of the agreement. 

7. The RF may also be invited to serve as a referee for MRU during university ranking evaluations.
We are excited about the possibility of collaborating with you as co-author and supporting a part of your project in the 
form of a publication fee. Feel free to discuss with us if you have any inquiries concerning your publication, including 
co-authorship, payment methods, SDG keywords, and citation matters.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact 

They require a copy of your latest CV for the nomination process.