Pannonia Applications 2024/25 - Results


Pannonia Scholarship 2024/25
Results of the Applications

The Mobility Committee of Széchenyi István University has made a decision regarding the results of the student Pannonia Scholarship applications for the 2024/25 academic year.

The list can be viewed at the following link: Pannonia_results


In the table, applicants can identify themselves based on their Neptun code.

Countries or institutions for which our university has approved the applications are marked in bold. The last column indicates the amount of the awarded scholarship.


For study purposes, we will soon nominate students to the approved institutions.

Following this, partner universities will inform them about the steps they need to take to enroll for the respective semester. Students are responsible for independently handling the application process and organizing their travel.

For professional internships, it is the students' individual responsibility to find a host company in the approved country.


For any questions, please contact us at