Holiday Sweets


The Student Committee for International Affairs at SZE invites you to our annual:

“Holiday Sweets!” online event

As we come from many different cultures, every holiday means something different to us, whether it be public celebrations like Eid, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year or Christmas or something more personal involving just family and close friends. All such holidays have their own desserts and sweets. We would like to invite you all to an online event where you can present your country’s national sweet dishes.

The “Holiday Sweets” event would be organized with the University providing the ingredients, but we would ask the teams to prepare their national holiday sweets in their own kitchens (either in the Halls of Residence or in rented accommodation). Ideally, we would prefer to have national teams of up to 4 people preparing the desserts and sweets, but if you prefer to cook alone, we would still encourage you to participate.

With this event, we hope that our international and Hungarian students can come together and share with each other some of the traditions featuring in national or local celebrations in their home countries.

We would also kindly ask each group to

produce a short presentation (PPT) with background details of the national celebration and the selected holiday dessert.

After the dishes have been prepared, please send us the above-mentioned PPT, the recipe(s) and, if possible, the cooking process, as well as all your photos and videos. We will be very happy to publish these materials - with your consent - on the University's websites and social media platforms, creating an opportunity for our students and the community to get to know the holiday specialities of our international students.

We kindly invite all our international students to participate in this online event.

If you would like to participate in the 2021 Holiday Sweets online event, please complete the form on the link below by Friday, 10 December 2021:


Participation is free of charge, everybody is most welcome!

The deadline to prepare the desserts and upload the recipe, videos, photos of your creations is 31 December 2021.