Erasmus order 2023/24

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Erasmus 2023/24


Széchenyi István University’s Erasmus Committee has made a decision on the order of the Erasmus applications for academic year 2023/24.

The list can be found on the following link:  ERASMUS ORDER


In the table, applicants can identify themselves by their Neptun code. Countries or institutions for which our University has approved the application are indicated in bold.


Széchenyi István University will be able to decide on the awarding of scholarships in accordance with the outcome of the European Union's decision in connection with the Erasmus programme. For this reason, it will be decided at a later date, which applicants will be awarded the Erasmus scholarships.


In the case of applications for study purposes, in view of the deadlines, we will be nominating students to the approved institutions in the near future. They will then be informed by the partner universities of the steps they can take to register with them for the given semester. Students will need to make their application independently.

In the case of internships, students must also contact the host company themselves.


Please note that nomination and application do not imply the award of an Erasmus grant.

We kindly ask for your patience until the outcome of the decision concerning the Erasmus programme and we can provide you with more information about the scholarships for the planned trips.