'Operation Management Simulations' course took place at Széchenyi István University

The course from 13 June to 17 June 2016 took place at Széchenyi István University. The aim was to provide students with practical experience to enhance the previous week self-acquired theoretical knowledge in the field of production management.

In the frame of the course – in addition to the summary and recording of the theoretical knowledge – the participants could acquire first-hand insights into the operations of a simulated company. This allowed them to observe and experience the challenges and difficulties of operating a factory competing on international markets. The theoretical base of the practical training was properly served by the previous preparation, the context and interaction of theory and practice ensured the incorporation of terms and definitions. The participants worked in small groups of 3-4 students and gained broad knowledge in the field of production logistics, while managing and redesigning the operations of the production process of their factory represented by the simulation environment. Based on their observations and measurements, they formed key performance indicators and evaluated performance and efficiency.

Evaluation of the participants’ performance happened based on the individual and group work while the week and based on the final presentations presented by the teams.

The following topics were overviewed:

- Integrated Production Management
- Productivity
- Operations Strategies
- Learning by doing simulation
- Forecasting and Product Life Cycle
- Facility or Layout Planning and Analysis
- Assembly Line Balancing
- MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
- TQM (Total Quality Management)
- Project Management
- Risk Management
- Supply Chain Management
- Inventory Management

16 of 22 applicants successfully performed the course.